Epsilon Environmental Instrument Inc.
USA reseller.Sell a range of USA and Europe brand instruments to worldwide. Brand NEW!
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Epsilon Environmental Instrument Inc.

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Epsilon Environmental Instrument Inc.

Epsilon Environmental Instrument Inc.
Company Details:
Business Type:Distributor/Wholesaler, Seller
Main Market:North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Annual Sales:US$ 1M - US$ 2M
Year Established:2011
Export p.c:90% - 100%

All items are BRAND NEW!

Epsilon Environmental Instrument Inc. is an government authorized USA reseller. Epsilon sells various brands of field and lab equipment to worldwide. We have been supplying the following Products world wide. 

Instruments: Water monitoring Instrument,  Soil testing and sampling equipment, Health and Safety instrument, Sensor, Tools.

We also carry other lines according to the customer's requirement. If you did find what you want, email us. We will back to you ASAP.

  • Prompt and efficient handling of inquiries and orders
  • Experienced in prepare of export documents and knowledge of export rules
  • Supplying USA brand products for many industries, the broadest selection of the latest environmental monitoring, sampling and field equipment


Our Team

HACH:    DR6000   DR5000  DR3900  DR2800-01B1  DR2700  DR1900  DR890  DR850  DR820  2100AN 2101N 2100Q  DRB200, etc. More than 4000 types supplied.

LaMotte:  1970-EPA;   2000-01;   Smart3 1910;  1766;   5-0102-EX2;   5-0034-01; 5-0038-01,etc. More than 3000 types supplied.

Orion:       AQ2040, AQ3010, AQ4500, AQ4000, AT5050,etc. More than 700 types supplied.
Oakton:    WD-35805-04; WD-35802-00; WD-35812-02; WD-35802-13; WD-35812-30;   WD-35802-49 etc. More than 1200 types supplied.

YSI: YSI 63 series, YSI 550A series, DO200 series, EC300 series, ProODO series, Pro20 series, 55 series, 30 series, Pro2030 series, etc. More than 700 types supplied.

Medcom:   Inspector Alert;   Radalert 100;   CRM-100, etc.

S.E.I.:              Inspector EXP; Inspector+;The Sentry EC; M4, etc.

Hanna:           HI1220, HI2211, HI2300, etc. More than 2000 types supplied.
WTW:            1AA110, 1AA120, 1AA310, 1AA320, 3A30110, etc. More than 1200 types supplied.
Berthold:       LB124;LB123;LB123N; LB6411;LB146;LB148;LB790 etc.
Drager:          X-am 1700; X-aM 2000; X-aM 5000 etc.
Radeye:         RadEye PRD;RadEye-G;RAD7 Electronic Radon Detector etc.
UEi:                 KM9106/P;KMNO1/Q;KMNO2/Q;KMSO2/Q;KM940 etc.
Mark-10:       M4-5; M5-5; M5-100; MG100;MTT03-50 etc.
Metone:         MO-804;MO-831 etc, More than hundred types supplied.
Global Water:     FP211 Flow Probe;FP111 Flow Probe etc.
Raytek:          ST61,ST81,MI-D-10-LT,TX-C-LT-SF,MX2TDUVB,3i-1ML3U,3i-LRSCU,3i-LRL3U,3i-1MSCU,3i-2MSCU etc.
Ohaus:           DV114C, DV214C, DV314C, DV215CD, etc. More than 2100 types supplied.
Narda:           Narda 550, EF0391 PROBE,EF0392 PROBE,EF1891,EFA300 etc, more than 50 types supplied.
Horiba:          B-771, S070, B-743, S050 etc, More than 200 types supplied.

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Ms. Mandy
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  • McCallum Blvd , Dallas, TX, USA, 75252
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